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How to Drill into Glass Bottles



Using molding clay make a round circle and place on the bottle and push down the edges so you can fill the hole with a little water. Then you are ready to drill into the bottle. Tilt the bit on a slight angle so you start to make a ridge once you have the ridge you can go straight down on the bottle. This will help keep the bit from sliding around. Don’t drill with full pressure all the time back off a little. Don’t drill to close to the bottom of the bottle about 1½” from the bottom is usually good. Put the bottle in a vise or have someone hold it very still for you as you drill. Hint for holding in place is to put in a corner with bottle wrapped in a towel)


Make Clay into a log about 3” long                             Then make a circle


       clay-log.jpg                    clay-circle.jpg




Place on your bottle and press down sides so water won’t leak out



Then fill hole with water and begin drilling making sure water stays in circle refill if necessary.